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John Deere 8020 Series Official v2.0
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John Deere 8020 Series Official v2.0

Hello LS community!
I present you my new version V2 John Deere 8020 Series for FS2019.The mod has been rebuilt 100%
This new version John Deere 8020 Series includes new UDIM textures, Interactive Control script(IC) many new animations, configurations wheels, new configurations visuals, fixed sounds and 
and many other new features... I spent a few weeks on this mod.I hope you will like the mod and and you'll appreciate my effort.
Have a nice game!

John Deere 8020 Series [8120, 8220, 8320, 8420, 8520 and 8520 Chip]

Changes In new verion V2.0:
*New UDIM textures(with all news specullars textures compatible with Real Dirt Color mod)
*Interactive Control (IC)
*Seat suspension
*Pedals animation in the cabin
*3 Types Warning Sings configuration
*Opening door and back window (IC)
*Exhaust configuration ---> Normal and Chrom
*Foldable Warning signs (IC)
*Opening bonnet (IC)
*New Exhaust effects
*RDA in wheels
*5 types Logo Stickers configuration ---> Rebo Landmaschinen, Fricke, B+S Landtechnik, LVD Krone and Agromix
*Animation Steering Column (IC)
*Number plates configuration
*Horn trumpers and Top Lights Konfiguration
*Fenders configuration
*Worklights configuration
*John Deere Accessories Configuration
*3 types tires configurations ---> Trelleborg, Michelin and GoodYear
*New wheels configuration 
*CB Radio configuration
*Fixed sounds
*And ither new features and fixed bugs...

- Washable and Wearable
- Animated joystick
- Full animmated front axle
- Dynamic Hoses
- Configuration selection --->  front weights or front hydraulic
- Working lights, turn signals, brake lights
- 6 types engine power versions (8120, 8220, 8320, 8420, 8520 and 8520 Chip)
- Wheels configurations
- Movable cooler fan
- GPS configuration
- Terminals configuration
- Animated hydraulic
- Animation wipers
- Speedometer and tachometer
- Dust, tire tracks
- Movable front fender

***** No errors in the LOG! *****

***The archive contains 2 versions the tractor JD 8020 Series***
---> With Interactive Control script(IC)
---> Normal version(Doors opened with mouse control) compatible with Course Play!

* Please keep only the original link,Don’t upload this mod on other hosts.
* Please respect my work and please do not spend edit of this mod!
* You can move mod on other forums just copy the whole thing.

Rysiu77(Rysiu_77_) , Sotillo

  • Mythrox
    2020-03-26 23:01
    6 2
    I like your mods, next awesome John Deere ;P
  • Fcb84
    2020-03-26 23:03
    2 2
    Jest świetny dodaj więcej zdjęć jak masz
  • Good job
    2020-03-26 23:52
    5 3
    you're the fucking best dude you are a beast keep making these please
  • Ludo
    2020-03-27 00:08
    0 0
    I like your mods too but I'm used to take your mods and follow you on a whole site of mods ?? so my question and the next one is are you the author of the mods ?? Usually I find your mods on this site, but as there is and not I ask myself the question !!!!! Or else where can we follow you, and follow your mod projects ?? and at the same time download them safely, and be sure of the authenticity of the creator ?? https://www.kingmods.net/fr/profil/Rysiu_7
  • Rysiu77
    2020-03-27 00:31 Send message
    6 0
    LUDO, No worries, I'm the authentic author of this mod and others mods on my profile. The account in kingmods site is also mine. Check the links and compare here and on kingmods, they are the same. There I put short description to the mod because the space for the description is limited (limited number of characters).
  • Ludo
    2020-03-27 00:44
    0 0
    Thank you for your answer, in this case I know that I can also take your mods HERE, thank you for your Mods, a small question the RDA and is it functional ?? or just visual ?? Because I know that the Official ModHub there is a 1000 slot with RDA script and functional, so I think you had retrieved the script on this mods or it's not the case ??
  • Badbb
    2020-03-27 03:25
    0 0
    im ok with slow speed of uploaded.net but the problem is that it almost always drops connecteion after 15 mins or so. and after that, i can't try to download again until next hour. no way i can download over 100mb file through uploaded.net. can you add mirror please?
  • Is there usa duals?
    2020-03-27 03:47
    1 0
    is there a usa duals option? row crop duals i mean. if not, sorry i won't be downloading this mod. my relatives have a 8320 and would like to replicate their farm but can't with the european stuff.
  • Ic function?
    2020-03-27 12:44
    0 0
    I have the IC version but when I enable IC and click on one of the buttons nothing happens. Do I need to enable something else to get IC to work? It also says something about misssing EN XML for the bonnet. Apart from that the mod is superb.
  • Fs19
    2020-03-27 14:50
    0 0
    and now nice 6r
  • Savkutz
    2020-03-27 15:06
    0 0
    beautiful green big monster!
  • Usa


    2020-03-27 15:58
    1 0
    is there going to be an American edit?
  • Hey rysiu
    2020-03-27 22:50
    0 0
    Dd you know that there is a script called TirePressure by wopster(stijnwop) with this you can actually inflate and deflate the pressure of the tires ingame and simulate actual RDAit's really nice and it comes with hubs if you want to use them.you can find it on his github:https://github.com/stijnwop/tirePressure
  • Get simple ic  ic function?
    2020-03-29 02:12
    0 0
    simple ic will help with your issue
  • Maurizio
    2020-03-29 10:04 Send message
    0 0
    good moning I can't download the mod :(
  • Rysiu77
    2020-03-29 11:26 Send message
    6 0
    @HEY RYSIU, thanks for script link. I will check and test this script as it works. @USA, US version will probably appear soon. IMPORTANT: SIMPLE IC and IC Control not working CoursePlay! That's why I put the second normal version(Doors opened with mouse control) that works with CoursePlay!
  • Yes omg
    2020-03-29 20:36
    0 1
  • @yes omg
    2020-03-30 06:57
    0 0
    no... just.... no...
  • Lfmodding
    2020-04-01 21:56 Send message
    0 0
    I intentionally downloaded it off of another website because I can't stand Ul.to. One file was fine. The other one apparently was infected in EVIL:Cursor.html (or something like that). I tried downloading it again and I didn't get that notification.
  • Zkkstry
    2020-05-11 07:02
    0 0
    Either this mod or the 3rd party website has completley corrupted my game
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