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Volvo A40G v2.1.1.0
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Volvo A40G v2.1.1.0

Sometimes things get missed during testing.  I spent a lot of time getting proper FS19 lights installed, and most of my time on the bonnet getting the lights placed right.  Turns out some illumination was missing.

Here's the changes in v2.1.1.0
- Tweaked the lighting
- Added another configuration option (work lights postion)
- Added (functional) wiper blade

Again, all credit goes to the original authors.


Original author possibly TMP / TP Simulation?? Converted by shaidiestorc5673, updated by Knottypine v2.1.0.0 - v2.1.1.0

  • Knottypine
    2019-09-02 08:22 Send message
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    Version was skipped for this newer version. Update notes from the previous version - Overhauled the lights for FS19, Added configurations, Enabled some folding animation for the bonnet. Credit goes to the original authors.
  • @knottypine
    2019-09-02 10:48
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    I understand that this is a game (simulator), but the capacity of 2,000,000 is too crazy !
    • Knottypine
      2019-09-02 18:01 Send message
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      That number can be changed very simply. That's just what I put. If you want a different number, change it.
  • Name
    2019-09-02 11:42
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    Orignal Authors TMP ... not you ...
    • Knottypine
      2019-09-02 18:04 Send message
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      Yes... ok. Did you maybe..... I don't know, click on the credits link? Or care to open the modDesc file? The proper credit was not even in the modDesc, I put it in there as to who I thought the original was. "TMP / TP Simulation" I add this in, and mentioned them in the credit section on this website.
  • @knottypine
    2019-09-02 15:23
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    why did you not mention the author name? do you even know the who it is?
    • Knottypine
      2019-09-02 18:05 Send message
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      See answer above, there is a handy credits tab.
  • Dyma123
    2019-09-02 16:20
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    go change youre poop pants
  • @name@knottypine@
    2019-09-02 17:16
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    Yes, go change youre poop pants and read CREDITS very CAREFULLY...
  • Smalltown
    2019-09-03 01:02
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    kinds dumb question were do you go to change that capacity amount?
    • Knottypine
      2019-09-03 02:07 Send message
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      Unzip the mod, find the volvo xml file and edit with a text editor. I recommend Notepad++. Find where the capacity is, and change the number to anything you want. Zip the files back up and you're good to go. Conversely, you can edit the file directly if you use 7-zip without even unzipping the file.
  • Jim bob
    2019-09-03 22:00
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    it needs more work it would barley haul 400,000 of anything nice mod but needs work
    • Knottypine
      2019-09-04 23:14 Send message
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      It's not intended to haul max capacity effortlessly. I have already substantially increased the torque for it to haul a full load, granted you won't get full speed. Can it be adjusted? Yes. But I like that when full, it feels like a struggle. That said, I am working on a couple other tweaks for this mod. I'm not going to make it stronger though. However, if you want, it's an easy thing to do if you dive into the XML.
  • Drengin
    2019-09-10 16:52 Send message
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    Works exactly as described. Thank you. Great mod update
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