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Rogers TVT35 Low Loader v1.0.0.0
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Rogers TVT35 Low Loader v1.0.0.0

Are you looking for an economical way to transport anything from a pallet to a combine then look no further, the Rogers TVT35 is the perfect low loader for you. This trailer is not only dependable but it’s goose neck design and low deck make it easy to load while giving you the advantage of having a better ground clearance than a “double drop” lowboy. The Rogers TVT35 is a must have in any farm sim world, if you can fit it, you can ship it!

Price: $18,500
Deck Style: Platform
Trailer Use: Rear Loading: Fixed Gooseneck
Tons: 35
Length: 20 Feet
Width: 8 Feet
Deck Height: 35 Inches
Axles: 2 axles
Suspension: 50,000 lb. capacity tandem axle heavy-duty multi-leaf 4-spring
Color: Custom Colors
Rim Color: Custom Colors
Wear: Yes

Farm Sim World, Hypermodding

  • Case
    2020-07-26 08:11
    3 0
    Awesome trailer can you do also for combines ?
    • Farmsimwld
      2020-07-26 18:09 Send message
      1 0
  • Ag hauler
    2020-07-26 23:13
    1 0
    Nice trailer, Thank you
    • Farmsimwld
      2020-07-27 05:35 Send message
      0 0
  • Name
    2020-07-27 19:55
    0 0
    where can i find the kenworth?
    • Farmsimwld
      2020-07-27 20:41 Send message
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      i think that came from Yes Mods
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