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Kuhn LSB1290D v1.0
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Kuhn LSB1290D v1.0

Kuhn LSB1290D
Price: 1050$
Speed Limit: 30km
Capacity: 20000L
You can watch the sample video from the youtube

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  • Valkyrie
    2018-11-27 09:28 Send message
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    Holy Shit That a Fast Baler..
  • Will
    2018-11-27 20:08 Send message
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    Hell yeah!!!That baler is a bit TOO fast.Maybe it's not a bad thing to slow a bit down, so that the bales don't fly off.
  • Will
    2018-12-03 12:56 Send message
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    I changed some parameters at the baler I downloaded;The baler's operating speed is much closer to the original baler.But the capacity of each bale is doubled.An example;Estancia Lapacho, straw, $160/T, a bale can hold 40T, a full bale trailer is worth just over $100.000.If you drive a couple of times with a full one, you can get a million or 2 pretty fast.
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