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GLX Morton Pole Barn 72x160 v1.0
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GLX Morton Pole Barn 72x160 v1.0

Placeable buildings from our Ohio/Michigan Line map pack.
 -10 siding choices
 -Seasons ready!
 -Animated doors and lights
 -Buildings match others being released from the pack
 -All buildings have their own store category

These are the placeable buildings from our Ohio/Michigan Line map.  We thought payers might find them useful on other maps as well.  We are releasing them individually so you can choose the ones you like.  These are still version 1.0, with enough requests, we may release a version 2.0 with more details, decorations, shop triggers, ect...
Not all are original creations, some are edits and conversions from FS17.

GTX is a group of friends and family of all ages in the agricultural industry.  We enjoy making mods for Farm Simulator as a hobbyin our spare time to help raise funding for our local FFA and 4-H organizations.  THANK YOU for your contributions!!!

DONATIONS: https://www.paypal.me/GLXRECON

All the players and modders who keep the modding community a fun and friendly place!

  • Efritz
    2019-11-13 09:15 Send message
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    Sweet, thanks!
  • Name
    2019-11-13 16:41
    1 2
    Do you have a fb page or group to follow along with the progress of the map itself?
  • Roof
    2019-11-13 22:36
    0 3
    Nice buildings, but no one uses shingles anymore, coated-steel last twice as long.
  • Graytomcat
    2019-11-14 20:43
    0 1
    Should do a nice log cabin you could go in side with working doors nice size garage with working door and working lights in the cabin and garage.
  • @roof
    2019-11-15 04:30
    3 0
    nobody cares, dim whit.
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