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GAZ-53 Module Pack v2.3.0
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GAZ-53 Module Pack v2.3.0

GAZ-53 is a 4.5 tonne 4x2 truck produced in USSR (Russia) between 1961 and 1993.
GAZ-52 is a 3 tonne 4x2 truck produced in USSR (Russia) between 1964 and 1993.
The pack includes the GAZ-53 and GAZ-52 modular trucks, single-axle trailer and 14 modules for the truck. The same modules are installed on the trailer as on the truck.
- a tank for a milk - 5000 liters (milk and water);
- a fuel tank - 4500 liters;
- a universal tank - 4000 liters (liquid fertilizers, herbicides, slurry, digestate and water);
- a platform with autoload of bales and pallets. It may transport of dynamic objects. No support for bulk cargo;
- a modul for bulk goods - 4200 liters (can refuel seeders);
- a modul for bulk cargo with extended sides - 6500 liters;
- a body for a silage - 10000 liters;
- a livestock modul - 2 cows, 2 horses, 6 sheeps, 5 pigs;
- a grocery modul for bulk cargo - 5300 litres;
- a isothermal grocery modul for bulk cargo - 6000 litres;
- a grocery modul for bulk cargo "Bread" - 6000 litres.
- a fire module - 4200 liters of water and a mobile pressure washer (you need global script aaa_MobileWasherSpecialization by alfalfa6945 activated in mods folder. https://www.nexusmods.com/farmingsimulator19/mods/140?tab=files great thanks to him for this)
There is a choice of engine, wheels, color and design, working light, mirrors and dashboard, UDIM textures. Wearable and washable.
Special thanks to Andy for the analog clock script for the GAZ-52

Added Fifth Wheel Module and 3 semi-trailers: platform with autoload of bales and pallets, a milk/water tank, a universal tank. Added GAZ-52 rims. There is also a choice of 2 types of tires.
For the Fifth Wheel module, there is the option of an additional fuel tank of 170 liters. You can refuel a main tank of truck or other equipment.
Attention! The Fifth Wheel module and semi-trailers are short-base. The module is not intended for standard game semi-trailers, as well as the semi-trailers are not intended for trucks like Man, Tatra, etc.


  • Уважаемый
    2020-02-28 23:44
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    Отличная сборка (ПАК) !!!! Продолжайте в том-же духе! Всех благ Вам!
  • Neuf802
    2020-02-29 07:43 Send message
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    Hey KARL911. I love this pack! I use it all the time. even on american maps. I just pretend it's an old Chevy or something like that. Would you consider adding english logos and decals on the modules to make it fit in better. Same with triangle on the roof. Don't remove anything as it's great for when I play a European maps. Just english options. :)
  • Yagodnoe warning
    2020-02-29 10:31
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    Does not contain the "bread" van that transports *work* for Yagodnoe 2.5.x maps.
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