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Honey Dew Farms v1.0.0.1
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Honey Dew Farms v1.0.0.1

EN (Original): Fixed a few minor bugs. You will need to start a new game!
DE: Einige kleinere Fehler behoben. Du musst ein neues Spiel starten!
FR: Correction de quelques bugs mineurs. Vous devrez commencer un nouveau jeu!
PL: Naprawiono kilka drobnych błędów. Będziesz musiał rozpocząć nową grę!


  • Fire1008
    2018-12-07 20:16
    Thank you so much
  • Ron


    2018-12-07 20:33
    Is there no way to make the mini map more clearer? Other than that looks good TINMAN. Keep up the good work!
  • Raven2971
    2018-12-07 20:38
    TINMAN looking good have you figure out how get the train going and are you going have a update on the bigger farm that the one i play on right now
  • Tinman
    2018-12-07 20:49
    The trains have become extremely different in FS19. They are now listed as placeables so i'm still trying to learn how to edit the train spline to for my map. What do you need fixed on the Paradise Farms @Raven2971
  • Raven2971
    2018-12-07 22:07
    Paradise Farms just seeing if you had any more plans for it
  • Tinman
    2018-12-07 22:21
    Yeah i'm working on another 4x map
  • Terry
    2018-12-07 23:45
    i need to how to buy the fields on the map
  • Tinman
    2018-12-07 23:51
    push esc on your keyboard then x and just click a field
  • Dmac
    2018-12-08 06:31
    everything works great....found that the"unreal"type mods such as a cultivator that acts as a plow is what conflicts with maps.....both this and paradise....keep up the great work,maybe a little more subtle elevation would be cool...happy holidays and peace!
  • Sirarthur
    2018-12-08 06:34
    Nice map!!!But, Modsfile again?
  • Tinman
    2018-12-08 06:46
    I got Paradise farms 100% Era free finally and I'm working on a new map. It'll be out in a few days. Look for it... Honey Dew Farms XL
  • Tinman
    2018-12-08 06:49
    I will continue to use modsfile. I've tried a couple others and I have had nothing but trouble from them. I'm not trying to be rude but if you don't like modsfile then don't download my maps. I use them every day with no problems
  • Parzival
    2018-12-08 07:45
    great maps thank you!, we have added your map to our server come join if you like, server name .gg/NJACzPU NITRADO.NET
  • Pilot
    2018-12-08 13:59
    Hey GREAT WORK! Love this map! It really run smooth! Keep up your great work! Thanks again!
  • Tinman
    2018-12-08 16:23
    Thanks @Parzival i'll hop on later. I'm working on a map right now
  • Faelandaea
    2018-12-08 23:27
    modsfile is just fine to use, Tinman. Ignore the trolls who keep saying there are viruses there. Looking ever so forward to your 4x map. If it rocks I may make it my multiplayer map :)
  • Donnti
    2018-12-09 02:28
    Great map but I found a problem. It seems like field 3 is under some invisible water. If you go to the edge of the cement pad and walk to field 3, you can hear the water sound. If you place animal pens, you don't get any product. Example with chickens you get a message that there is no room for more eggs but the loading area has no eggs. I placed the farmhouse there, and when I started the game, I didn't start at the house like you usually do.
  • Donnti
    2018-12-09 02:30
    Other things that could be done, The fence that runs along field 1 and the road is fine, but then you have the fence go north by the cement pad. This section should be taken out because you don't have enough room between the field and the fence for a combine when you have a helper running the combine. Also maybe make the cement pad extend out along field 7 to field 3. This would give you more room for sheds and not have a bunch of grass in front of the sheds.
  • Tinman
    2018-12-09 02:59
    I get that message on every single modded map. It just takes a while for the eggs to appear. There is absolutely no water anywhere near that area. There is another spot by the spinnery if you stand still you can hear horses. And as for the combine just make a swipe across the end. That's what i do
  • Donnti
    2018-12-09 03:34
    I just edited the map to remove the fence and added more cement area. I also added some small rolly hills in some fields. I like flat maps but having some little hills gives it a better feel I think. All I need now is Course Play but that will be awhile for them to get it working for this version.
  • M4a1dream
    2018-12-10 10:21
    Flatten the edge of the field
  • Donnti
    2018-12-13 00:31
    Yo Donnti can I get that version?
  • Bart
    2018-12-16 13:05
    i cant download it on modsfile my computer say its a spam site
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