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WILSON QUAD AXLE Fixed v1.0.0.0
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WILSON QUAD AXLE Fixed v1.0.0.0

All I did with this mod is change the file name so that the mod would show up ingame. Other than that, nothing else is changed. I did not create this mod, so don't put issues with the mod in the comments section, as I will not change anything with the mod itself.

This is a edit of the Wilson 50 that i believe origianally came from Farm Sim 17. Tipper has been extended and a fourth axle added to it. Capacity is set to 75,000 and unload speed increased as well plus front two axles have can be raised and lowered. Have fun and enjoy!

J&S Modding Company

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    2019-12-18 14:07
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    TNX :)
  • Boobies!!!
    2019-12-19 07:15
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    there is a few issues with this mod, the color isn't right in the hoppers, its a dull gray instead of like giants version. remove the wilson trailer text and logo on side on the front, and changed the ends to be stainless, irl everything is not white, irl the front and the back are shiny, sides are white or black.
  • Nice try
    2020-01-15 04:42
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    Front compartment unloads, rear doesn't unload. So now I just wasted grain and lost money twice. First buying this and the from what I was trying to sell. Please fix.
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