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MapCleaner Hirschfeld (AntiReal) v1.0
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MapCleaner Hirschfeld (AntiReal) v1.0

This loader is NOT realistic.

It serves to quickly clear the fields and map sections of straw, grass, hay and / or silage.

Who has not ever been upset about the fact that small straw, grass and hay rests are lying around everywhere on the map. This is now a thing of the past because MapCleaner cleans up the map.

The following properties of the MapCleaner compared to the original Schuitemaker:
massive work extension on the recdhten page (why only right I explain in the video)
Loading volume of 156,000 liters
required PS number increased
Unloading speed increased to 15,000 per second
Plexiglas signs affixed to the sides
Added color choice for rims, trolleys and design elements
Working speed increased to 50 km / h

Please do not use if you want to play realistically.
I wish all the others much fun with the MapCleaner!

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants, MH
Idee / Konzept: MH
Tester: MH

  • Video
    2019-04-12 21:12
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    Anyone have the link to the video?
  • Dudeguy
    2019-04-12 23:37
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    I'm sure that Beast moron will post one on Modland soon enough.
  • Badassery
    2019-04-13 07:49
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    on a whole nother level. get you mowing done first *very important step* then buy the Hirschfeld, you can choose rim color, design color, main color, buy the extention..you'll need a tractor of 420 HP or higher..now go harvest..this loader wagon harvest ALL mowed grass or straw on the entire map as you drive along..it has Huge capacity so don't worry about filling it right away *that's why getting all the mowing done first is best*
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