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Bromar MotherBin v1.2
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Bromar MotherBin v1.2

Fixed: - Hitch not adjusting to tractor hitch (still has movement when hitched, we suspect that is due to actual size of the trailer.)
- wheels not steering when backing up

Edit: added realistic volume size 185,000L for those wanting to stay realistic volume wise.

I applogize that I did not get this out sooner, but I wanted to see if we could resolve the hitch moving while attached so far we've had no luck.

This is the MotherBin from FS17 that I have converted to FS19. I know many have been waiting on a larger Augerwagon so here it is. A few things to note, I do not recommend trying to move it when it's loaded as like in FS17 it was ment to be a stationary bin to use for your implements to unload in while you truck it to your grainery. I have checked in both single and MP and had no errors and everything works. I've put in extension sizes of 1M, 1.5M, and 2M capacity and fill type is Bulk so it will hold everything. Enjoy.

Please do not upload this mod to other sites without approval from me or the previous modder from FS17.

Xetoa/Modder Rolf

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    If only the rim could be colored
  • Xetoa
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    I'll look into that.
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    Nice work mate
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