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Mercer County, Ohio (Hotfix) v1.0.0.0
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Mercer County, Ohio (Hotfix) v1.0.0.0


First of all I want to thank all of people in my discord and in the Unity discord for helping me find and fix errors, with a special thank you to Diniz Farms - Farming Simulator Modding and Multiplayer, who will be releasing an edit of this map in the future with all new features (please do not bother him, he will release on his own time).

Secondly, I want to apologize for not being able to continue working on this map, adding more to it, and finally optimizing the file size. Life is simply taking over and I can't devote much more time to it. I hope you enjoy the work I have put into the map and continue watching for hotfixes and updates in the future!

Some things to note: 1) There are a few warnings in the log that I was not able to resolve, these should not affect your gameplay performance significantly. 2) There is a heifer shed on the farm up by the town, you cannot get milk out of this cow pen! 3) There is a place to purchase feed in the top right corner for those of you starting out on seasons. 4) This map does NOT have anhydrous yet, I was rushed for time and didn't add it in. 5) There are trigger pictures in the folder I provided, please consult those (unzip the initial download file). 6) If you run into any issues, please exercise some due diligence and see if it is a mod conflict before coming to me. While I appreciate your feedback and am more than willing to solve a problem, many of these issues can be resolved on your end. I'm hoping this will cut the number of messages I get a day in half.


MRG Mapping

  • Gopikrishna
    2020-08-04 10:36
    5 0
    Nice map With cool And very good "pda" Ty.
  • Name
    2020-08-04 22:00
    2 1
    lol i like about 40 mins from mercer
  • Brian
    2020-08-04 23:00
    7 1
    wish it was under 600 mb!
    • Mrgmapping
      2020-08-05 00:29 Send message
      16 1
      Yeah I apologize for that I had no time to optimize the file I want to try and get it down to 500mb in the future I just dont have enough time at the moment Hope you enjoy the map nonetheless
  • Wrangler
    2020-08-04 23:33 Send message
    1 7
    B.O.B. Flyover - Mercer County Ohio - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7N0z82i9dc
  • Name
    2020-08-04 23:51
    2 1
  • Todd
    2020-08-05 02:59
    1 0
    hope everything is in english for being an american map
  • @todd
    2020-08-05 09:31
    3 0
    Is there anything that you see that would make you think otherwise? Good Lord
  • Siidpoland
    2020-08-05 15:30 Send message
    5 4
  • @todd -
    2020-08-05 15:41
    1 1
  • Mark
    2020-08-05 16:46
    4 1
    probably my favorite map already! (Elkader was my previous favorite)
  • Dis boi mod reviews
    2020-08-06 02:41
    2 9
    dis map is suck. no thank. Just kid MRG love it. Or do I...
  • Rushed?
    2020-08-06 05:53
    8 10
    if it was rushed, why didn't you just wait until you were actually ready? im just saying...
    • Mrgmapping
      2020-08-06 06:34 Send message
      21 6
      Some of us have jobs or are moving across the country or have more important priorities at the moment which take us away from our modding projects sometimes for months and if the map is 98 completed with very few errors why not let everyone enjoy the map until a future update when Im less busy Im just sayin
  • Awesome
    2020-08-06 15:23
    2 4
    Great map, hust wish it was 4x lol
  • Reality
    2020-08-07 01:41
    10 15
    Releasing an unfinished and unpolished map using *real life* as a scapegoat to not get flamed about it isnt really going to cut it in 2020. In launching any product or project you have a start a middle and an end. In the end you release a finished and well polished project. In the middle you build the product and fine tune any issues or mistakes from testing. if you cant complete the entire process from start to finish then dont waste time creating another avenue for trolling and negativity to b
    • Mrgmapping
      2020-08-07 02:42 Send message
      18 10
      Oh right sorry I forgot I was running a business Ill keep that in mind when I release my next product to my customers
  • Truth hurts
    2020-08-07 05:42
    5 6
    judging by his comment, this is why "@reality" has xxx hours played on ravenport!
  • Rushed?
    2020-08-07 06:39
    11 4
    still shouldn't matter either way, because I really like your mods. you're just making excuses, never did we say we needed another mod right now or that you had to meet a certain deadline, nobody (or i hope) forced you to release it unfinished. take your time with this stuff, release it when it is complete then everybody will get the full effect of the map instead of having to download countless updates.
    • Mrgmapping
      2020-08-07 16:27 Send message
      14 3
      Countless updates We are talking about 1 update coming in 2 months Nobody forced me to release I released the map so that people could have fun on the map until I could add traffic anhydrous and more decoration None of those things are pertinent to a well functioning map Compared to all the other mods on this site this map is 100 finished I just didnt get the chance to go the extra mile with it These comments show how unbelievably ungrateful people are in this community You know I take the effor
  • Thank you
    2020-08-07 07:53
    5 2
    very good map i'll be playing on this map for the rest of FS19
  • Annoyed
    2020-08-07 14:17
    6 2
    Just play the map or dont. And what is this not going to cut it in 2020 crap? You cant even get a AAA gaming studio to release a completed game in 2020. Update after update after update. Just think of it as early access and piss off.
  • Tolerance
    2020-08-08 01:17
    5 2
    What the actual fuck is going on in here, MRG is a good modder, if he decides to release an unfinished product you can enjoy how the fuck is that negetive? its either in its condition where you can enjoy it or you get nothing........What kind of entitled morons think they can bitch about it in here? its FREE CONTENTYou paid $40 for a game that has 3 maps, that's your own problem not the modders dickheads.
  • Ag hauler
    2020-08-08 04:18
    4 1
    I'm impressed with this map. Thank you very much.
  • Dakotafarmer
    2020-08-08 10:30
    1 2
    Is there a egg sell point? Thanks !
  • @ dakotafarmer
    2020-08-08 16:19
    5 2
    The sell point is up your ass! .....sorry for the cuss word :( Dakota asked for that one HAHAHA
  • Rakkasan
    2020-08-08 18:14
    1 1
    What is up with the signs for the seed type that have collisions?
  • Rakkasan
    2020-08-08 18:43
    1 1
    What is up with the signs for the seed type that have collisions? Forgot to mention, Love the map
  • The people
    2020-08-08 19:17
    3 1
    MRG keep doing what you do you are a good modder im playing the map now it great
  • Damn the negativity?
    2020-08-09 02:32
    5 0
    wtf is going on here with this community?! keep doing what you do best @mrg modder, your mods are always worth the download, fuck the haters.
  • Gngmods
    2020-08-09 23:35 Send message
    1 1
    Very nice map you can tell a lot of work went into this map, This is my new favorite map. Thanks so much for all your hard work getting this to us....
  • Dan


    2020-08-10 01:05
    0 3
    the other silage makers on the other farms dont work, game crashes when buying a lot of cows at the pen trigger, i tested this with no extra mods or maps in my folder and still had the issues
  • Wtf


    2020-08-10 06:10
    3 2
  • Blacky
    2020-08-10 23:25 Send message
    0 1
    awesome map keep up the good work
  • Blacky
    2020-08-10 23:29 Send message
    0 1
    left side door on the white garage shop does not open it's hard to get the combine out
  • 0 3
    shut the fuck up you stupid you heard the guy he explain that why the fuck you came here talking shit is his map if he wants he put it for download at 10% fucking stupid morron you gonna tell the guy how to do stuff i bet you dont have any clue how to mod and you came here to take all the dicks posible in your mouth jesuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssss fuuuuaaaaaaaaarrrrkkkkkkkk you have to apreciate the time that they put in it you stupid scambegs and dont tell my how to write if you dont like it becau
  • 0 2
    or they are borned to reach a unreacheble level of stupidity
  • Rushed?
    2020-08-11 07:29
    3 1
    @rushed??????????????????? sounds like your pretty insecure from your comment mr. keyboard warrior, really shows your true colors (and you've maybe had experience with some of that stuff??). run along now kid, sounds like it's naptime... or bedtime for you.
  • Judge judy says
    2020-08-11 07:31
    3 0
    You're an IDIOT!! @Rushed????????????????????????
  • Auglaize county
    2020-08-14 06:09
    0 0
    Man you even put the right streets in, I lived off of SR 274 i probably past this farm. Great map, finally a place close to home..
  • Name
    2020-08-17 04:13
    0 0
    Were is the gas station on here???
  • Just how
    2020-08-17 04:29
    0 1
    How do you make a map and forget about a fueling station!!!! unless you made it a game to find it which for the past hour i still havent found
    • Mrgmapping
      2020-08-22 19:47 Send message
      2 0
      Hint every farm has a fueling station
  • Blacky
    2020-08-23 05:12 Send message
    0 0
    or you can just add your own gas pump and put it on the farm to
  • Blacky
    2020-08-30 18:58 Send message
    0 0
    when i buy animals with trailer and truck and bring them to the main farm barn and pen to unload them it doesn't work it not let me unload them there and other farm barns to
  • Budburman
    2020-10-05 17:20 Send message
    0 0
    What a bunch of crybabies. First of all it is a free map. Second of all if you don't like the map simply delete it and move on. Man I have had maps that didn't even open, I just deleted it. Damn. Lastly, I like the idea if the crybabies don't like go make your own.
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