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GaZ 53 v1.0.0.0
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GaZ 53 v1.0.0.0

This truck was one of my favorite in FS 17 and I was using it a lot, so I decided to bring it back to FS 19. I have made the truck for myself, with autoload function to transport wool and other pallets across the map. I thought others may like it as well, so I decided to share it with everyone.
Credits to FS17 modders: FS17Go Du-mont TruckerStas Dufata Northern_Strike IhorZelenyanskiy Dizik ANDREI1994 (Edit W_R)
FS19 specifications:
- Tipper have 10 000 liters capacity
- Tipper body can be turned to flatbed by opening the sides with "X"
- Autoload function and tension belts
- With autoload you can carry: six big square bales, six round bales, four pallets and/or mission pallets (wool pallets etc.)
- Price 6800
- Working gauges on the dashboard
- Illumination of the gauges when the lights are on
- Cover for the tipper
- Choice of different engines
- Rear hitch for attaching trailers
- Movable rubber mudguards on the wheels
- Maximum speed of 90 km/h
Notice: The mod is not washable (it was not in FS17 and it is not in FS19) - I don't know how to do this and still working on it. If someone can, please do it.
Except this the mod is working perfectly!


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    2019-10-27 07:20
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    Does not work with mission pallets. Also, it is autoload, not unload. Seems to have tons of rear wheel slip, i play with vehicle extension, locking both difs helps.Honestly, the truck is great though. Thanks, a good competitor/replacement for the Zil 150 i was using.
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