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Crown Pack OY MP v19.4
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Crown Pack OY MP v19.4

The Krone Pack OY contains all Krone vehicles and tools with the following additional functions:

Version 19.4 [mp]
bugfix BiGX und BiGM: powerTakeOffConfigurations wegen attacherjoint error

color selection
Increased capacity (optional) for BigX. Loader and trailer
Nursing tires (optional)
Increased working width and speed (20 km) of all cutting units and BigM
Increased transfer rate (5,000 liters / second)
Extended trailer hitch for BigX and BigM (optional)
Shortened engine start time (1 second) BigX and BigM
Engine variant (optional) BigM
EasyFlow converts straw swath to shredded material

Included in the Krone Pack OY are:
Big X 1180 forage harvester
Big M 450 mowing technology
TX 560 D trailer
ZX 560 GD loader wagons
Collect 900 forage harvester cutting unit
EasyFlow 300 S windrower
XDisc 620 grass cutterbar
Trailer cutting unit carriage for XDisc 620

Videos are the LetsPlay Yogibrunn # 2, in which the pack is presented.


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    dear modderu mentioned in ur mod discription that,Version 19.4 [mp]bugfix BiGX und BiGM: powerTakeOffConfigurations wegen attacherjoint erroris this gonna be fixed with a new version
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