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Oxbo High Tip Dump Cart v2.0
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Oxbo High Tip Dump Cart v2.0

This is a small update to the already existing Oxbo High Tip Dump Cart to mostly improve the visuals and add a couple customization features. I really like to use this cart so I wanted to give it some love.
- Updated all textures to UDIM
- Added 11 wheel configurations
- Added color configurations to the dump box, rims, and extentions
- Added configurable Oxbo decals
- Added dynamic hydrauilc hoses
- Adjusted price to be more in-line with other auger wagons with similar capacity
- Other minor tweaks to improve the functionality and realism

If you have any issues or suggestions please let me know, Enjoy!

KarlFarms, Mosco

  • Hhmadsen
    2020-02-12 14:43
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    Dont be fooled by the picture, the trailer is massive and its very well made, awesome trailer, you find it in auger menu. Thanks KF
  • Hank
    2020-02-12 18:38
    4 0
    Just what i needed Thanks for all the good mods!
  • Hhmadsen
    2020-02-20 16:26
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    update 2.0.01 = https://www.yesmods.com/fs19-mods/trailers/auger-wagons-grain-carts/oxbo-high-tip-dump-cart-kf/
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