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Joskin Modulo 2 v1.0.0.1
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Joskin Modulo 2 v1.0.0.1

- New Michelin tire configurations
- Fliegl instead of stack as selectable brand

Price: 61.385 € Capacity: 15785l Power needed: 150hp Working width: 12 meters Working speed: 17km / h
The Joskin Modulo 2 is a slurry tanker that looks like its own
To make wishes. From the base color to the rim color
up to the hose color of the drag shoe linkage, it is possible
Colorize with the standard colors of the Farming Simulator.
In addition, there are several brands to choose from when you have this barrel
I'm looking for another brand. Of course, tire configurations are also not missing
and there are Trelleborg, Nokian and Michelin tires to choose from.
Furthermore, the suction can be configured to remove slurry. That means
he can be bought with or there is none available.
As a small design accessories, the frame on the slurry tanker can also
to be bought or not.


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