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Honey Placeable v1.0.5
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Honey Placeable v1.0.5

You need Flower Water to work and the script "Global Company in your mod folder
This is a production of Honey
have fun

Giants TheSnake GC

  • Bocephus
    2019-10-06 20:54 Send message
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    Norton antivirus blocks me from downloading anything from Share mods. It always blocks it and won't let me download anything. Disabled Norton and even uninstalled it one day and a red screen from the main Norton site popped in and wouldn't let me download it. I have a very fast computer, and that's not the problem. Maybe another antivirus program won't do that. I'll try another site that don't use Share mods.
  • Valera
    2019-10-06 21:13 Send message
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  • Erik kire
    2019-10-06 23:19
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    Norton or any other anti-virus program will pop-up when that second page pops up. Sites like SHAREMODS will pop out an ad page just prior to download. That's normal; just delete that second page and you can download the mod.You're welcome.
  • Cluj-napoca
    2019-10-07 03:39
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    Global company mods are good but they clash with some maps and the plowing in the maps I play, you cannot hire worker to plow in Walker farms and other I tried. As soon as I get rid of Global company mods all is good....
  • Bocephus
    2019-10-07 10:07 Send message
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    I contacted Norton today and explained the problem to them and they disabled that problem they were causing. It's a new setting they've come out with, and they disabled it. I think it's something new Norton started. When I clicked on, download, my Malwarebytes screen came up on the bottom right and said they blocked anything from Sharemods.com and said it won't a safe site, Sharemods can't get into my computer but I was able to make the download. If the actual download won't safe Malware bytes
  • Harry crack
    2019-10-07 20:23
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    Why do I need FLOUR in a HONEY factory?
  • @harry crackhead
    2019-10-07 22:28
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    You think you were so funny? You should use less flour and think again...
  • Name
    2019-10-07 23:25
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    In the description it puts flower, if you check the mod does not ask you for flour, it asks you for sugar
  • Beejaynz
    2019-10-09 02:02 Send message
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    where do we get "flower water"?
  • Dctoe
    2019-10-13 02:36 Send message
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    @BEEJAYNZ From the Water Flower of course. :D
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