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John Deere 7R with SIC including sound v1.0
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John Deere 7R with SIC including sound v1.0

Simple IC:
1. Left door to open
2. Rear window to open
3. Animated steering column
4. Animated passenger seat

1. Animated ignition key
2. Locks animated
3. Rotating beacons configurable
4. License plate and license plate light installed

Required mods:
GPS Mod from Wopster:
https: //www.farming-simulator.…od_id=140328&title=fs2019
Simple IC:

Giants software
LS ZockerStube
Model-safe: Simple IC
Ifko (nator): EAS Script
Bremi456: license plate

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    won't work with courseplay tho
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    Here's another green pickle for you snowflake americans to fangirl over, enjoy.
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