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John Deere R-Series Pack by BC6 v2.5
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John Deere R-Series Pack by BC6 v2.5

6R, 7R and 8R Modification of Bonecrusher6

Version 2.5.0
- Hauer FL console installed
- FL console selectable standard or Hauer
- Hauer XB190 adapted and integrated into the pack
- JD weights integrated into the pack (with color matching the tractors)
- fixed log errors regarding the vehicleType

- Choice of colors on body (green, graphite gray and black) and rims (yellow, graphite gray, black and rim silver)
- top link front and back in black, fits more because of the color choice (GPS remains green / yellow)
- other all-round lights on all tractors
- Terminal configuration with built-in (partially lit, like the screen in the tractors)
- LoadingBars in the 8R now also visible
- all 3 tractors are now in 2 versions in the shop (with yellow hubs or black hubs
- Wheel nuts now greyish
- 50's sign on all tractors + radio and handrail for the terminals
- JD front loader (with color choice) taken into the pack, because of the color choice of the tractors
- 6R has now also DEF (AdBlue) [has probably forgotten Giants, tank was available, rest not]
- Identification according to engine configuration
- Camera position adjusted to indoor (still as 'Seatcam')

Contains: 6R, 7R and 8R
- Indoor camera placed on the seat, the interior now makes the movements with the seat
- Camera position slightly adjusted, but affects everyone in different, is related to the settings of the field of view together
- slightly increased wear intervals
- License plate installed
- Configurable parts (deer on hood, interior decoration or both together)
- Rim color choice yellow or black
> Hubs had to be made black as a compromise, as no color choice or adaptation to the respective wheel color is feasible for them, at least so far no possibility for it found.
- Sound of the horn exchanged

6R: 2 new engine configs + various additional radconfigs
7R: additional Michelin wide tire with weights
In the future, even more is planned for this pack, but currently not yet feasible.


  • Mr-fox
    2019-03-04 23:01
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    Can u make the John Deere 8 r without wheelwhight, like the JD 7 r...?
  • Nucleus
    2019-03-04 23:40
    4 1
    Another JD tractor pack, Why wont anyone convert the JD Planters and Cultavators, And all the other JD stuff beside the same old crap over and over?
  • @nucleus
    2019-03-05 09:41
    1 0
    You should check Taylor Farms page on facebook : planters, plow, spayer.... a lots of JD stuff
  • Nucleus
    2019-03-05 22:35
    0 0
    Yes I have all there stuff, But they are Frame rate killers for some reason. the second dirt gets on them the frames drop 50% Just have not figured out what value to set on Dirt in the XML, or even if i can turn off dirt all together.
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