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FS19 Mod Updates by Stevie
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FS19 Mod Updates by Stevie

Many thanks to LW and BM for your very kind donations guy's. Regards Stevie.

FS19 Mod Updates by Stevie.

All have extended repair intervals, small fixes and more.
Sell off the old ones in game then delete the old zips from your mods folder. Unzip the dowloaded file and place the new zips into your mods folder, load the game and activate them where needed in your mods panel.

Amazone Cenius 80032TX.
Bratner TA23071.
Lely Hibiscus.
IDEAL combine set.
Komatsu XC931.
Merge MAxx 902.
Poetinger HIT1214t.
Rapide 8400W.
Rubicon 9000.
Fendt Tigo XR75D.

Donation link: paypal.me/StevieFSMods


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    2019-03-13 07:57
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    on the IDEAL Combine set is it possable to put a wider size dual wheels on the front like the John Deere S790 and Class Lexion 700 series or move them out more? They just look a touch on the thin side and the inner wheels look bunched up to close to the machine.
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