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FS19 UMRV v1.0
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FS19 UMRV v1.0

Original creator: DR Modding and team (FS17)Conversion: Antler22

Map Features
Seasons ready with snowmask
Seasonal textures
Added crops (Wet corn, alfalfa, milo, rice)
Alfalfa that re-grows multiple times per season
Proper crop destruction for wheat, barley, canola, corn, etc.  
Multi-terrain angle
Working sellpoints
Working door/gate animations using original FS17 buildings
Field dimensions added (aka, missions!)
Trees in the forests thinned out to help improve FPS
Added sellpoint for chaff, for those that don't want to mess with making silage like me.  Custom harvest your maize/corn and sell it right away!
Map runs good, but some foliage textures can work your computer.  If you get poor FPS because of the crop textures, copy your base-game foliage folder to the map folder and it should improve.

Animals were removed, but space left for FS19 placeables to fill the gaps back in.  

Traffic system and some small details in town were removed to help fix errors and performance.  

Crops info:
Wet corn:  for combining.  Must go through "dryer" to convert to regular corn to sell.  
"Maize" is the standard ingame corn.  This is textured to represent forage corn for silage, will stay green at harvest and yields well through a silage harvester.
Alfalfa:   leaves a "grass" windrow so that it dries using seasons.  However, use it, because it yields higher than regular grass!
Do not use clover or SudanGrass crops.  they were brought over but I did not activate them so they won't grow or be useable
Feel free to edit and re-release as needed, I have no more additions I wish to make to the map.

UMRV from FS17 (DR Modding) converted by Antler22 to FS19! Please see the description for full details and support. Released with permission from DR Modding.

  • Name
    2020-01-21 08:01
    4 0
    It is GSI Grain Drying Complex, no map
  • Name
    2020-01-21 08:13
    2 6
    Quote: "Feel free to edit and re-release as needed, I have no more additions I wish to make to the map" Well done! I did not finish the work and fucked up ... 5+
  • Tango
    2020-01-21 08:52
    0 2
    estas de broma?
  • Acmeacres1
    2020-01-21 11:13 Send message
    1 0
    Uhhhm, where is the map?
  • Ricobab
    2020-01-21 11:38 Send message
    0 0
    The map is on nexusmods.com. Anyway this grain dryer is needed on the map.
  • Alex
    2020-01-21 13:31
    0 1
    can i have the link to the map on nexusmods
  • Umrv
    2020-01-21 14:09
    4 2
    Full map here https://download-fs19.com/3114-umrv-map-v10-for-fs19.html
  • Name
    2020-01-21 19:34
    0 1
  • Famer boy
    2020-01-21 19:54
    2 1
    it needs to be re uploaded
  • Dr phil
    2020-01-22 00:54
    1 1
    just go to the original site to download the map you intitled lame ass trolls!!!!!!
  • Farm boy
    2020-01-22 02:43
    0 0
    where is the original download site
  • @farm boy
    2020-01-22 11:43
    1 0
    ON FUCKING NEXUS MODS as already commented above.
  • Boomer
    2020-01-22 15:51
    0 0
    I enjoy the map so far but when I try to deliver grain to the port I get the message not to drive too deep in water when I pull in the port area then my driver jumps out of the truck and starts swimming around in mid-air. I can not get back in the truck and save my load of grain. any suggestions
  • John
    2020-01-22 17:29
    0 1
    how do i download the map it just downloads the bindryer
  • Ricobab
    2020-01-22 17:42 Send message
    0 0
    @John : Maybe by visiting NEXUSMODS as already stated 2 times in the comments ?
  • Cringe
    2020-01-23 23:08
    0 2
    People who play FS19 and call themselves "Farmer" KEKW
  • Farmer boy
    2020-01-24 00:22
    2 0
    I am a farmer just not much going on a farm in the winter
  • Name
    2020-01-24 11:04
    2 0
    Farm just under 5,000 acres in NW Ohio and make mods in the winter. Gotta keep them computer skills up to farm these days! What seems to be the problem???
  • Beecee510
    2020-01-24 21:26
    0 0
    thank you so much for the link
  • Postho
    2020-01-29 06:36
    0 0
    Try modsbase
  • 12271
    2020-01-31 23:59 Send message
    0 0
    modsbase is VIRUS!!!!!!!!!
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