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California Central Valley v3.0
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California Central Valley v3.0

Hello FS Community

Version 3
new livestock

Official release.
Please read through before downloading.
When you want to play the V3 you have to start a new game.
Instalation Guid: Unzip everything in the .zip fiele und copy and replace it in your mod folder (make a backup from the old file)
When you start the map it lag for some second because the game have to load a lot  placeable object

Change log V.3:
new custum placeable livestocks and objects
The file size has been optimized
Some bugs and warnings have been fixed
Change log V2.:
The performance has been improved
The file size has been optimized
Some bugs and warnings have been fixed
Attention: To play the map you need a powerful PC. Otherwise, the graphics setting must be screwed back.
On my system, the map runs between 50 to 60 fps.
Plans for the V3:
Further optimization of the file size
Individual detail improvements (flying objects removeing)
And integrate suggestions from the community
Map function:
Huge map with many fields
High level of detail
Fictional szenario of California
Milk, manure and slurry Loading stations
Cheat Point
Free space for landscaping yourr own farm
Courseplay and helper friendly because many collisions are disabled
RPG options
The map cost me many hours of work, which I voluntarily sacrificed in my free time.
Have fun playing.

Modell: Danjelmc
Textur: Danjelmc
Script: Danjelmc
Idee / Konzept: Danjelmc
Tester: Danjelmc
Sonstige: Danjelmc

  • Farmer
    2019-10-14 15:33
    8 0
    great map but sooooo big
  • Jack
    2019-10-14 15:34
    9 0
    yes you need to play it with like 50 men
  • Randy69
    2019-10-14 15:46 Send message
    5 0
    awesome thanks!
  • 2 gb?
    2019-10-14 16:25
    17 13
    JEEEEEEZ, this is bigger than my penis
  • Tractor
    2019-10-14 23:18
    5 0
    Great American map, thanks man.
  • Nick
    2019-10-14 23:53
    3 0
    Im excited to move in!
  • Name
    2019-10-15 01:47
    0 0
    me corre con mucho lag.Gran trabajo.
  • Simr
    2019-10-15 06:45
    1 12
    2Gig map..your not playing Farm Simulator at this level. I don't know what to call it..but it - doesn't sound fun.
  • Dirk
    2019-10-15 10:57
    4 3
    great map with the cowns and all loving it but sorry way way to big to have fun playing it
  • Too big?
    2019-10-15 19:28
    11 0
    It is not too big. If you think this is too bib try playing a 16X map. This is a good map. If you think this is too big please go back playing European themed small maps.
  • @toobig?
    2019-10-16 00:32
    2 7
    it will take a crew of 10 players and 50 AI workers to farm this map..but then, whats the sense in all that..im sorry to inform you..the fun has been syphoned out of Farming Simulator 19 through a straw already. these cookie cutter maps and mods are a Joke. most everyone is ready for FS21- but that too..will bow to the same cookie cutter frivolous mods & maps
  • Uncleorion
    2019-10-16 01:10 Send message
    0 0
    PDA file is messed up, great map , but very bad pda file.
  • Sawbinder
    2019-10-17 05:46
    0 0
    Can't join fields, please add this in the next update.
  • Yeet
    2019-10-20 03:46
    0 0
  • Blacky
    2019-10-20 06:19 Send message
    0 5
    not a good map mod when you don't have fields that you own for stupid Boring map mod needs a lot of lot of work before you release it other author who owns it.also need a sheep farm and a chicken farm , farm house to put on the farm ,also silos to and a bigger farm shed for the farm machines, need to fix the wool spinery can't find it the icon on the map say's it's there but no building or sell point . waste of time downloading it
  • Lol37
    2019-10-23 01:30
    1 0
    The map is very good great job! but you should add mud for vehicles to get dirty
  • Name
    2019-10-25 23:08
    0 0
  • Nick
    2019-12-03 03:06
    0 0
    Wont work in my game
  • Nick
    2019-12-04 00:13
    0 0
    I've tried 3 times to download this damn map!!!!!!!!! Still won't work in my game!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nick
    2019-12-04 04:41
    0 0
    Please Help Me Download This Map
  • Randy
    2019-12-14 01:17
    0 0
    I download it but it won't let me unzip the file or open it????????
  • Doug
    2020-01-01 05:18
    0 0
    Mod does not work.
  • Kokos13
    2020-01-27 22:10
    0 0
  • Oldfart
    2020-05-06 17:31 Send message
    0 0
    @Kokos13 Did you ever find the shop? Sometimes modders hide it. One sure way to find the shop, is to buy a piece of equipment, (like a tractor, not a plow, but either will work) and teleport to it. If you buy a piece of other equipment, like plows, just look for the location dot on the PDA map.
  • Oldfart
    2020-05-06 17:35 Send message
    0 0
    You cannot truly call this a California map, if you place a Clown burger joint over an In'N'Out burger joint. In'N'Out is hugely more better than the clown burger place. And I'm not even from California, nor do I live anywhere near it. In fact, complete opposite side of the country!
  • Keegan
    2020-06-03 21:44
    0 0
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