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John Deere 8030 Series v2.0
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John Deere 8030 Series v2.0

Hello LS community!
I present you my second version John Deere 8030 Series for FS2019.
This version John Deere 8030 includes new configurations, animations and many other new features...
Have a nice game.

Changes In V2.0
*Added Opening Bonnet [Key L Schift + N/J]
*Added animation Steering Column
*Added Amortization seat
*Additional configuration: Front weights (2 types) and front hydraulics
*New logo konfiguration(Agromix)
*Fixed Low attacher
*Fixed washable and other improvements mod

Properties of mod:
-Full Washable
--->Left door [key N/J]
--->Back window [key M/K]
-Animated joystick
-5 engine power versions (8130/8230/8330/8430/8530)
-Configuration Number plates
-Exhaust configuration:normal and chrome
-Logo configurations(John Deere,Rebo Landmaschinen,Fricke,B+S Landtechnik)
-Working lights, turn signals, brake lights
-Warning Sings configuration
-3 types Michelin tires
-Movable cooler fan
-Configurations engine power
-Wheels configurations
-GPS configuration
-Terminals configuration
-Animated hydraulic
-New Exhaust effects
-Animated front axle
-Animation wipers
-Dynamic Hoses
-Speedometer and tachometer
-Dust, tire tracks
-Movable front fender

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* Please keep only the original link,don’t upload this mod on other hosts.
* Please respect my work and don't edit this version public!
* You can add mod in other forums, but copy the whole post!

Sotillo, Rysiu77(Rysiu_77_)

  • Jd fan
    2019-05-24 00:08
    2 1
    Great John Deere, I love your JD, thanks :)
  • Martin
    2019-05-24 01:06
    1 1
    Ein wirklich richtig geiler Schlepper! Sound Top, Aussehen perfekt und Leistung ohne Ende! Vielen Dank für deine Arbeit! Respect!!!
  • Gngmods
    2019-05-24 04:28 Send message
    1 1
    Very nice thanks so much!!
  • Alex2ruote
    2019-05-24 04:43 Send message
    1 3
    I agree with Martin, this thing is a beauty and it sounds like the real deal too. I usually don't care for JDs, but this one's a keeper.
  • Guest
    2019-05-24 20:08
    1 3
  • The missing ass hat
    2019-05-24 20:14
    1 4
    @ Alex2 stupid for modsites..this is not a dating site you ass hat..you DON'T..repeat DO NOT use your prison mug shot on any Mod Site..NOBODY gives two fucks what you look like stool pusher
  • Matex
    2019-05-25 10:17
    7 0
    PLS change downoload link cuz uploaded is fucked 30mins of downoload file 100mb wtf pls give it to faster site PLS
  • Matex
    2019-05-25 10:17
    3 0
    PLS change downoload link cuz uploaded is fucked 30mins of downoload file 100mb wtf pls give it to faster site PLS
  • Juan
    2019-06-16 18:58
    0 0
    Love the mod.Can you please try and create a John Deere 8850,the V8 please.
  • Miki48
    2019-12-22 18:49 Send message
    0 0
    change link
  • Miki48
    2019-12-22 18:54 Send message
    0 0
  • Omg


    2019-12-22 21:53
    0 0
    Why in the name of hell would you not UDIM it??? You don't use diffuse textures in 19, it looks awful! And you're supposed to be a top modder..
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