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Mw Hof Pack - USA Edition Savegame Demo Ravenport v1.0
5 3 0 2012

Mw Hof Pack - USA Edition Savegame Demo Ravenport v1.0


this is my savegame to the HOF PACK US EDITION

To play this pack, you also need the old HOFPACK:

and of course the new US PACK

You have to unpack the Savegame1 that you download here and copy the content into one of your savegame folders.

You are welcome to continue playing, but ... no guarantee. It should only serve to give you a small impression of what you can do from the pack

Hope you have no FPS burglaries. I have a big computer and drove with a constant 60 FPS across the yard. But you never know: D

Lg Bernie


  • Noah
    2019-03-05 14:10
    2 0
    hi man nice map ill download it ifi can play with you and you can play with me ok
  • Redsunrise
    2019-03-06 17:37
    0 0
    Everytime is save and start the game up again it starts of with the original savegame. Does anybody know what causes this problem?
  • Redsunrise
    2019-03-07 23:30
    0 0
    It corrupted my savegames....THANKS
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