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John Deere S700i EU official v1.0.0.0
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John Deere S700i EU official v1.0.0.0

*Features* (Errors Free - clear LOG)
- 6 Wheels Configurations in 2WD or 4WD variant (Singles, Wide Singles) ,
- 4 Tracks system Configurations in 2WD or 4WD variant (2019 S700 Tracks System, 2015 S600 Tracks System ) ,
- All s700i Series motor Configurations (S760i, S770i, S780i, S785i and S790i),
- 4 Pipe Configurations (6.9m (22.5ft) Pipe, 7.9m (26ft) Pipe, 7.9m (26ft) Pipe S700, 7.9m (26ft) Foldable Pipe S700, 8.7m (28ft) Pipe S700),
- 2 Chopper Tailboard Configurations (Power Tailboard, Regular Tailboard),
- 4 Hitch Extension Configurations (No, Standard, Static Extension, Foldable Extension),
- 6 Numbers Configurations,
- 2 Tires brands (Michelin, Mitas).

Addons and New things by Mod Authors:
- IC Scripts (8 animations)
- Fully realistic Displays with all new Turning ON animations, HUDs and Dashboards Numbers & Animations (Rotating Turning ON circle, separate Monitor Lights for Turning and work positoin - First that kind of animations in FS19!)
- Remodeled interior + Foldable GPS monitor with scripted Display!
- Fully European version: all EU decals and stickers, proper EU Spreader, proper back lights with lights holders and engine spec!
- Realisitc S700 threshing sounds,
- Spreader works only when we will select "swath", when we select "straw" - Spreader will fold and turn OFF !
- Lot of interior details like Dashboard Icons for Beacons, Lights Stages, Hazards, Turn Lights etc
- All real Number Dashboards for Worked Hours, Worked Hectares, Operating Time, Speed, RPM, Capacity, Temperature (oil and engine) Fuel Usage and Fuel Capcity!
- Fixed all things missed by Giants
- Real xml values (speed, capacity of Grain Tanks, fuel capacity, fuel usage, overloading speed, motor scales and power)
- Monitors work in 3 Stages: Turning Animation, Normal, Light Stage!
- Reduced file from 82MB to 45MB

- 8 animations on IC Scripts (wolant, buddySeat, armrest, GPS monitor, CB radio, menu Display, work Display and statistics Display)
- Fully scripted interior (monitors, icons, lights, HUDs, Dashboards),
- TurnON animations,
- Enter animations,
- Realistic physics,
- Lot of moving Parts with separate functions,
- Chopper table works only when unfolded,
- Lights with reciveShadows,
- All standard functions.

Model (base): GIANTS Software
Edit: JHHG Modding
Programing and Scripting: JHHG Modding
Blender work: JHHG Modding, BlendArt
Models: BlendArt, SiiD Modding
FillVolumes: BlendArt
Sounds: Terre d'Acqua Team - Farming Simulator RICE experience
S700 2019 Tracks System: Terre d'Acqua Team - Farming Simulator RICE experience & RB Modding
UDIM (PBR Textures): BlendArt, JHHG Modding, SiiD Modding
IC Scripts: Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)

  • Jhhgteam
    2019-08-15 14:38 Send message
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    Full description and mod features can be found on our facebook modding page: https://www.facebook.com/jhhgmodding/
  • Myro777
    2019-08-15 15:15
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    Witam JD super polecam serdecznie. Co to za mapa Pozdrawiam :)
  • No function!
    2019-08-15 15:34
    2 2
    Log is not clear! Deable ic not function!!
    • Jhhgteam
      2019-08-15 16:55 Send message
      3 1
      LOG is 100% clear, check your mods folder and find mod which crash the IC (CoursePlay and GPS don't work with mods with additional Scripts and custom made vehicleTypes)
  • Ooyama
    2019-08-15 17:01
    3 1
    Can we got rid the shit download site!And just upload to modhub
    • Jhhgteam
      2019-08-15 17:02 Send message
      3 0
      Check our modding page - we have few links options for our followers ;)
  • Jhhgteam
    2019-08-15 17:02 Send message
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    Informations about creators of IC Scripts and rights for them: https://www.facebook.com/210984979518608/posts/417235872226850/
  • Antal84
    2019-08-15 17:30 Send message
    3 1
    Perfect! Thank you !
  • John27rx
    2019-08-15 17:48 Send message
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    Can you update the combine without IC because coursePlay and IC not working together
  • Rogrosi
    2019-08-15 18:11 Send message
    5 1
    the mod is perfect thank you
  • To john27rx
    2019-08-15 21:57
    3 3
    @JOHN27RX dude fuckOFF with your COURSEPLAYSHIT !!! --- Don't work - FUCKOFF COURSESHIT and be happy !!!!
  • To jhhgteam
    2019-08-15 21:59
    2 0
    Thank you very match !!! - please add IC door opening in the next stage of mod update.
  • To jhhgteam
    2019-08-15 22:00
    1 0
    *mach ))) , sorry
  • Farmsimgod
    2019-08-16 10:52 Send message
    4 3
    People who report mod doesn't work with Courseplay should not be told to fuck off. The mod author of this mod or any mod should ensure they make their mods compatible with Courseplay which has been out for a long time now and was out before these mods. It's not an issue with Custom Scripts, but the fact the author is using Imaginary and Made Up Vehicle Types. Adding shit like this to the moddesc, type name="combineS700i" is what fucks it up when it should just be: type name="combineDrivable"
    • Jhhgteam
      2019-08-16 11:04 Send message
      5 1
      Without additional vehicleType you will not able to use extra Configurations, interior animations like TurnON and IC Script - all those things are main standard for us which make game more realistic. If you don't like them - don't download our mods then
  • Name
    2019-08-21 19:42
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    Is it possible to have a 2. download link?
    • Jhhgteam
      2019-08-25 23:09 Send message
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      2nd LINK is available for our followers on our page!
  • Donald
    2019-12-13 01:26
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