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Deere 2054 Logger Series Road Builder v1.0
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Deere 2054 Logger Series Road Builder v1.0

Deere 2054 Logger Series Road Builder 
The time has come! Time to release this beast! It is fully functional: Working thumb, opening cab door, dynamic hydraulic lines, buckets dig...
The thumb works really well, YES you can pick up logs, and other objects with it! BUT if you want to use the thumb, and have it work properly you need to use the thumb buckets, other wise it will not hold the logs very well. The machine and buckets are strapable. 


RELEASE VIDEO:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zE4QqvsdZs&app=desktop
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5574310

OFGaming Dan
Apex Land Clearing

  • Wtf


    2020-08-02 09:59
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    When are you guys going to learn how to not have the bucket lag behind, Even FDR doesnt do that!
    • Ofgaming
      2020-08-02 22:39 Send message
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      if you buy the buckets that arent for the thumb they dont
    • Ofgaming
      2020-08-02 22:39 Send message
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      if you buy the buckets that arent for the thumb they dont
  • Name
    2020-08-02 10:34
    2 1
    Super sick looking but was hoping I would be able to put the rotobec grapple on it. Sick mod either way!
  • @wtf
    2020-08-02 12:42
    3 0
    stop your bitching does it affect how the machines itself wroks no its people like you who judge modder cruel but still fill your mod folder with their mods
  • Name
    2020-08-02 19:01
    2 0
    Looks great and is what i have been wanting in fs for a while!
  • Name
    2020-08-02 23:59
    4 0
  • Doobiedyl
    2020-08-03 07:32
    3 0
    Thing is absolutely amazing, love all your work man. Cheeeers!
  • Ritrucker
    2020-08-03 21:03 Send message
    3 0
    Dammit, OFGaming.....I just get all the shit set up how I wanted it on the deck......and y'all drop this beast. Now I gotta do it all over again!!! Lol Bro, seriously, fuggin awesome work. Stay safe, and healthy, brother!
    • Ofgaming
      2020-08-04 02:15 Send message
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      Thanks man
  • Jojo
    2020-08-06 02:31
    0 0
    Hello! tell me, did you forget the refueling mode on your excavator? I can not refuel him :-(! fix that please! thanksotherwise it's just great
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