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GlobalCompany v1.2.0.0
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GlobalCompany v1.2.0.0

Global Company - A large script extension for Farming Simulator!

GlobalCompany is the base for many scripts. No matter if production, warehouse or whatever - with this it is easy to implement.

- FIX: DynamicStorage: Fix effects on dediserver
- FIX: DynamicStorage: Change key t to lctrl+t
- FIX: 'Error: Server:registerObjectInStream is only allowed in writeStream calls' Error on MP
- FIX: language texts
- FIX: Objektinfo: Change position, now we can see the hand
- FIX: Factory: Incomeprice can now be negative
- FIX: VisibilityNodes: Collisions will check now also on Server
- FIX: Adaption to Courseplay

- NEW: DynamicStorage: Add unloadtriggers at places
- NEW: Add dynamic ingamemap to gc menu
- NEW: Factory: Add animaloutput
- NEW: Factory: Add Seasons support
- NEW: Add languanges: pt, it, pl
- NEW: GC-Menu: Overview for DynamicStorage
- NEW: GC-Menu: Better overview for Factorys
- NEW: GC-Menu: AddOns can now create Tabs
- NEW: Factory: add 'refPoint' - Attribute
- NEW: Add new Gui-elements

- And many more

- NEW: French and Russian languages added
- FIX: Shopmanager adapted to current patch
- FIX: DensityHeightMapManager adapted to current patch
- FIX: Added support for VertexDesign palettes for object info
- NEW: Registration for Filltypes and Treetypes in Mods
- FIX: Horsehelper adapted to Seasonsmod
- FIX: Gui adapted for very wide monitors
- NEW: more features for ProductionFactorys
- FIX: Adaptation to AutoDrive
- NEW: DynamicStorage

LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus

  • Name
    2020-01-22 18:34
    0 4
    Reupload... why?
  • Caamo
    2020-01-22 18:49
    1 0
    @NAME ... This is official, also ingame update
  • Android
    2020-01-22 20:07
    2 1
    das weiss der Trottel Name doch nicht, ausser seine Dämlichen Kommentare
  • Guest
    2020-01-22 20:27
    1 1
  • Name
    2020-01-23 01:31
    0 3
  • Otario
    2020-01-23 01:33
    1 0
  • Goatsfarm
    2020-01-23 09:01 Send message
    3 2
    Durch dieses neue update wird die Hof Bergmann nicht mehr unterstützt weil es da irgend welchen Ärger gegeben hat. Also wenn da was von der Hof Bergmann im mods Ordner ist funktionieren auch andere maps nicht mehr.
  • Pete
    2020-01-23 11:58
    1 2
    I used global since day one .But this update does not work on the map I been using . North Frisian march 4x v1.2can someone help
  • Pastorius
    2020-01-23 13:01
    1 2
    I have the same probleme Pete. This update crashes all my maps
  • Pete
    2020-01-23 13:58
    1 3
    I even tried to reload the older version back but that not helped . Crashed the lot spent 100s of hours on the map now carnt get in
  • Farmer
    2020-01-23 19:22
    1 1
    all my maps can't run them anay mmore manny thx
  • Blade-dk
    2020-01-23 21:16
    1 1
    i use Multimap 2019 from LS MAPPING TEAM and have over 150 H play time no erro at all whit this update. so you ppl must have some old mods taht make this crash in you maps
  • Name
    2020-01-23 21:22
    1 1
    none of my games work when i download this..if i remove it then they all work again
  • Caamo
    2020-01-24 11:52
    4 1
    This update works on EVERY other map, except on HofBergmann (one of my favourites though), and it's ok for me. BUT! If you have ANYTHING related to HofBergmann in your modfolder, NONE of the maps will work. For example HofBergmann BaleAddon. Remove those, and it should and will work! I just hope Kevin and FarmerAndy works things out somehow... HofBergmann is good map!
  • How many more?!
    2020-01-24 18:24
    1 3
    how many more fucking updates are there going to be of this mod? it's always be cycled around at least every other week, if not, every week. this mod must be complete shit then if it's being constantly updated with little to success? bitch please, i can do way better, just watch me.......
  • Name
    2020-01-25 00:50
    2 1
    thanks CAAMO. I owned the HofBergmann BaleAddon mod, I deleted and returned to all the maps normally.
  • Andy
    2020-01-25 20:19
    0 0
    this work with hof bergmann map
  • Mad farmer
    2020-01-26 18:42
    1 0
    this mod kills all your maps even if you delete it and use older one still your maps are dead relly big ty guys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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