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Addon Straw Harvest Bonus Pellet Heat Plant v1.0
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Addon Straw Harvest Bonus Pellet Heat Plant v1.0

EN: Bonus Pellet Heat Plant for the DLC 'Straw Harvest' With your own pellet heat plant you can use straw pellets and wood chips to produce heat. Once the bunker is full it runs for a while and produces heat and income. The heat plant can also be used without the DLC 'Straw Harvest' with just wood chips.

Das Bonus Heizkraftwerk, bekannt aus dem LS17
Für die kalten Wintertage, ideal wenn man mit Seasons spielt. Kann mit Strohpellets oder Hackschnitzel befüllt werden.
Es gibt 30€ pro Tag
Viel Spaß wünsche ich euch.


  • Bob51160
    2020-04-08 11:33
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    For FS17 or FS19 ?
  • Endy1
    2020-04-08 11:39 Send message
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    This is a mod bug.Once you recharge, even if a little, you never have to recharge, even if it is not empty.Since it produces money empty until infinity, even with an empty tank .....
  • Ricobab
    2020-04-08 12:04 Send message
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    @Bob51160 : FS19
  • Bob51160
    2020-04-08 12:16
    2 0
    Ok thank you,RICOBAB.
  • Name
    2020-04-08 23:20
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    i placed 1 pallet into it ( 4000ltr ) and got 9,720 every hour constantly even when empty... major overkill on money!!
  • Ls09god
    2020-04-18 18:49 Send message
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    It's a rushed mod. Taken from FS17 and they didn't even changed the modDesc version from 36(FS17) to 47(FS19). Or they didn't bother to check.That QR code Easter egg is most likely a last minute idea from one of the dev's. They had to either create a bonus mod from scratch, or take one from the the old storage vault and tos that one up.The mod also produces some errors combined with various mods.
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