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Agco Challenger 680b Ernester v1.0
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Agco Challenger 680b Ernester v1.0

Here is my FS19 remodeling of the Challenger 680B Harvester from FS17. This mod was originally part of the AGCO Rotary Pack in FS15, but I converted for 17 and added a 9250 Dynamax header. This combine is great for larger farms and is a great addition to any fleet. For 19, I've done a few things to bring it up to the original FS19 standards, see the "Details" section.

If you enjoy the 680b, you can follow my other work and stay up to date by subscribing to my Youtube channel.
Have fun harvesting, FarmSimSteve

Price: 185k
Capacity: 12k
Fuel: 870
FS19 Customizable Wheels: Single, Broad, Duals
Dynaflex Header Price: 60k with new smoke animation
You can use capello with challenger color for corn
FS19 lights and turn signals
The remote monitor depends on older scripts
Updated arm and foot animations for players
Joystick animation updated
Updated folding animation with ladder
Animations / lights for dashboards indoors
Shadowbox added to the indoor camera
Converted sounds and updated to pick up the load
Working mirror outside / inside
Specified mass and fill volume were not displayed correctly
Straw and chopper effects have been updated
Foliage bend at 680b and header
Dirty and portable.

FS17,FS19: FarmSimSteve FS15 Credits Credits Model, Texture and ingame: Julian11 Testers: Lindbejb Modding and Rafazr Scripts: AdditionalBackupCam: Manuel Leithner BuyableTwinWheels: Manuel Leithner Cabsuspension: JoXXer DelayedRotation: LsPrO/TheCoCe indoorSound15: ¿? InteractiveButtons: Manuel Leithner Joystick: NHT9SmartTrax objectAttacher: Geri-G Passenger: JoXXer universalToggleParts: Saty

  • Nice work
    2019-03-16 16:44
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    Thanks for the mod and a great presentation in the video of what you have done to the machine.
  • Name
    2019-03-17 04:07
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    hazard lights are always on after logging back into game
  • Wolf pack modding
    2019-03-17 12:02
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    Thanks for the conversion to 19. I had been wondering if you would convert it. This was one of my "go to" harvesters in FS17. Again TYVM :)
  • Wolf pack modding
    2019-03-20 06:27
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    Found an issue with this one, wondering if anyone else is having the same thing, but when harvesting, and it is at full capacity it just keeps on going!! Most when full will stop, and raise the header, this one just keeps going...
  • Name
    2019-03-21 21:09
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    is there any way to access the MF decals to apply to this combine?
  • Name
    2019-03-23 17:49
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    #NAME He posted a youtube vid up yesterday of a MF version of this same combine and hinted also a possable GLEANER version which im sooo looking forward to :)#DYMA123i noticed you used the engine sounds from the NH harvester, i descoverd the NH and the AGCO IDEAL have identicle sounds just renamed so for just for funsies i switched out your sounds/sound xml with that of the IDEAL and used the LOAD sound from Custom Moding's Challenger 1000 with the deeper throatier LOA
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