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Agco Ideal Harvester/Header Pack v1.0
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Agco Ideal Harvester/Header Pack v1.0

Here for your farming pleasure is my Agco Ideal harvester, and header pack. It includes the Ideal Harvester, and the Dynaflex 9255, and the Powerflex grain headers. I have increased the capacity of the harvester to 50,000, and increased the overload speed so it will empty the grain faster. I have increased the speed of both headers to 9 MPH. Also since we are mostly poor farmers starting out I have decreased the price by half on everything, including the second engine option of the Ideal harvester. You will have to UNZIP the folder, and put each of the files into your mods folder. I hope you enjoy this pack, but if not simply delete the files from your mods folder. Happy Farming :)

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  • Ozzie
    2018-12-26 17:31 Send message
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    Do you know if there are any mods coming soon that have bigger headers? I think a header thats 25m would be awesome
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