Farming simulator 2019 mods
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AIVehicleExtension is an alternative employee who can work with fields of any form. It has some additional features, such as a circular mode of operation and support for different types of U-turns.

This mod is automatically installed in all vehicles if they already support a regular employee. An exception is the articulated frame technique.

When this alternative assistant is launched, it briefly scans the field on which the equipment is located. But an alternative employee has only a slight idea of ​​where he is on the field. For this, the mod 'looks', starting from the current position, at the borders between the untouched and the already processed area.

On beautiful rectangular fields with a lot of free space around you can use an ordinary employee. If you want to follow a specific path on the field, I recommend using CoursePlay. The FollowMe mod is also great for simple tasks. I have these two mods along with AIVehicleExtension in my mods folder.

The main control keys:
* H: Start or stop an employee
* Left Ctrl + H: Open the settings dialog
* Left Shift + H: Open Control Panel
* Left Alt + H: On / Off auto taxi
* Left Alt + V: Raise or lower all equipment
* Left Alt + 5: Switch to circular mode
* Left Alt + 6: Change the working side


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    2019-11-29 03:43
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    There are some issues with AIVE but it is THE best "pipe out and go around" controller for the game, so much so that nobody bothers to try to make another. Why CP doesn't have this "mode" and has been fucking around with multi-lane-skip garbage I do not know.AIVE will follow crop with most equipment that is set up correctly, even offset boom mowers on fields! Sometimes it will balk and sometimes due to Giants gimping the game to keep from sending PS4's and Xbox1's to the hospital
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