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ALL autoload fully operational without keyboard v2.0
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ALL autoload fully operational without keyboard v2.0

Attention! This mod is specially designed for gamepads !!

what's new 2.0:
- added button configuration for autoload woods
EN: Are you tired of using a keyboard and video game controller to operate your autoload trailer?
Dont worry I configure a .XML file with all the buttons you need to do the job.
Unzip the file and follow my instruction in a .TXT file, it's very simple.
ENJOY (Let me know about any problem)

How to install:
Unzip file than copy and paste this "inputBinding.xml" file into your folder ... "documents> my games> farming simulator 2019"
already has a file with the same name there, back up if you wish.

Rhubens - Button configuration
Kenny456 & Marhu - trailer autoload wood (until 12m long woods or higher, but the woods will be bigger than trailer)
Forst_Meister & Marhu - truck autoload wood (until 6m long woods)
alfalfa6945 - trailer autoload bales and pallets

  • Frankie
    2019-03-14 15:32
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    Sweet thanks
  • Frankie
    2019-03-14 15:35
    3 1
    oh its dyma123. Well thanks to whoever made this
  • Pitbullspirit
    2019-03-14 17:39
    3 0
    Thank you original maker of this mod who goes by the name HoFFi - www.modding-welt.com Very happy to see this mod and works without errors on my end. It has the traielr type I was looking for, so thank you HoFFi.
  • Thomas
    2019-04-26 08:12
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    would be nice if you have two text files one with and one without the keybindings for the gamepad
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