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All-In-One Placeable filling station v1.2
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All-In-One Placeable filling station v1.2

A Placeable filling station where you can fill seed / lime & liquid fertilizer

Version 1.2
-> Water tank design against Farmsilo design with pipe replaced to better fill the machines ...
-> Fixed bug that you could fill only seed or fertilizer. Except for the combination devices, the error is still with Giants !!!
-> Amazone Condor15001 seed fill up front at the seed tank & fertilizer at the back fault is also still in Giants Example pictures available;)
-> Final Version

Have fun with it ;)


  • Bob


    2018-11-24 11:18 Send message
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    do you choose what you want to fill or pressing R fills everything? Rather have it be choosable as weight it a big factor in this game
  • Farmer jerry
    2018-11-26 03:51 Send message
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    When installed it says that the filling station function is missing
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