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Animal Species v2.0
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Animal Species v2.0

This mod modify the original buyable animals to be more differents, eat and produce more depending the species you buy.

Changes in 2.0 :
- names stay in game language
- prices and breeding ratios well adjusted

About pigs : Now they produce nearly same amount as cows, giving them a real purpose : feed your fields.
About other animals it keep a standard increase in difficulty. x5 mean this animal eat and produce as much as 5 of his single coworkers.
Look into your local Animal Dealer.


  • Hoosier
    2019-03-03 22:26 Send message
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    Really like this mod
  • Meliandah
    2019-03-03 23:04 Send message
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    Thanks :) I'm still in testing but with 1500++ animals count with ratio it is not so easy to manage XD.But actually now i am looking for a way to ADD animals :/ i got some clues and i hope to find soon :D I will 1st add roosters who will boost up breeding of chickens (ratio still applied, like you need a rooster x100 to boost x100 chickens)
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