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Animal Species - Savage Pig Pack v1.1
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Animal Species - Savage Pig Pack v1.1

This mod adds a new kind of pigs! Savage pigs! There are 2 species between them with different ratios.
One is a breed of breeders that is made to breed to sell them. The other is a rather dirty species that produces more manure
and liquid manure.
A breeding farm is provided with this mod to handle wild pigs, you can not buy them from the animal dealer and you have to pay
a price to catch them when you buy them. For sale, you can use the 2 livestock trailers to bring them to the pet merchants who
will buy them back, otherwise you will pay a fee to release protected species in the wild.
Wild pigs therefore eat a little different from pigs, they need more protein (50%) and want more fruits from the land.
Detailed data when loading into the console.

KNOWN BUG: SEE README, for Custom Maps.
Go to our website: http://melimodding.servegame.com

Meliandah , KurryM

  • Cowboysfan1975
    2019-03-12 04:55
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    There is no trigger to feed the pigs. Everything else seems to be working.
  • Farmer909
    2019-03-12 07:22
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    Could you do 1 for cows and milk/ breeding maybe :-)
    • Meliandah
      2019-03-14 16:36 Send message
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      Yes it is possible but i will look later to see how AND IF it is possible to load multiple animals in same time :D but i'm not sure at all (you need to reload all animals to add more).
    • Meliandah
      2019-03-14 16:37 Send message
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      It mean that we can but for Savage Pigs + Special Cows it may need a special mod for thoses who want both (and thing like that if there are more species). But maybe there s a way to add them without reloading :D Not Sure.
    • Meliandah
      2019-03-14 16:38 Send message
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      I will have to put the Giant Engine on the surgery table ! LOL !
  • Papaneale
    2019-03-12 17:20 Send message
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    this does not work on multiplayer dedi server please can you fix this thank you
    • Meliandah
      2019-03-14 16:33 Send message
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      Hey , err for multiplayer server it should work now with V1.3 (the problem was the custom maps who needed to be modified with 1.1 to have the pig to be draw. So you had to modify the ZIP and the MD5. But can you test with the version 1.3 and comment in the 1.3 mod(or e-mail us at [email protected], but comments are better > everyone can see). Because now in 1.3 you do not need to modify the MAP MOD (but it have to create files for the pigs to be drawn). Say me if it work with 1.3 for now.
    • Meliandah
      2019-03-14 16:34 Send message
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