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Animals Clean Beta
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Animals Clean Beta

100% clean animals. Script!
also goes with Animals HUD;)
The falls are dirty, but the cleanliness stays at 100% and the productivity at 100%.
is a BETA. should work so far.
If it works or not please let us know!
if ok then like else comment for bugfix end.
Have fun with it. Follow me on instagram: xDeekay_farming
Can not be uploaded anywhere else.

Script: xDeekay
Idee / Konzept: xDeekay
Tester: xDeekay
Sonstige: xDeekay

  • Dan


    2019-01-06 13:50 Send message
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    The Cleanliness stays at 100% and Productivity stays at 99% but the piles of spilt feed still increases in front of the feeders.
  • Faelandaea
    2019-01-06 16:20 Send message
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    Yeah ... it says that in the description :)
  • Alex2ruote
    2019-01-07 02:35 Send message
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    A thin layer of straw or woodchips prevents the spawning of food.
  • Riley
    2019-04-06 04:40
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    what we need is animal table manners from fs 17 instead of this junk
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