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Animals HUD - animals number, levels, cleanliness v0.0.0.1
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Animals HUD - animals number, levels, cleanliness v0.0.0.1

Animals Hud displays all the details on the screen.

Animals in the stables
Cleanliness in%
Food in liters + current filling volume +%
Water, straw, etc.

You can choose yourself what should be displayed. combos are also possible.
CTRL + ALT + U = Hüner
CTRL + ALT + I = cows
CTRL + ALT + J = horses
CTRL + ALT + O = pigs
CTRL + ALT + T = sheep

The KEYS below each block indicates which key must be pressed to close.
IMPORTANT!! The MOD is in beta and may contain bugs. Multiplayer not tested! Who can please let me know if everything works or not. Thank you.
If everything is ok and sparking, do not forget thumbs up.
PS: Is the 1st Script mod of me :-P

Script: Deekay
Idee / Konzept: Deekay
Tester: Deekay
Sonstige: 1st Script

  • Wizzy3470
    2018-12-24 18:48 Send message
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    hi m8 great mod but very old here can you up the font size ty
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