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ATC Transportation Pack v1.0.0
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ATC Transportation Pack v1.0.0

Hello everybody,
I'm making the first version of the ATC Transportation Pack available today.
This version contains 4 trailers for transporting containers:
TGN40 - Goosneck SemiTrailer for 40 'containers
TGN40Multi - SemitTrailer with central attachment for each 1x10 'or 1x20' or 1x40 'container.
TGD20Multi - turntable trailer with central attachment for each 1x10 'or 1x20' container.
TSDH20Multi - rigid drawbar trailer with central attachment for each 1x10 'or 1x20' container.

You can find all the pendants in the shop under trailer / Diverse

There were problems with the unloading and various Colli problems with the transport (slipping of the container without reason).
As long as the discharge problem is not completely solved, remains on the 20 'frame only the central attachment of a container.

concept, Alfredix
modelling, Alfredix
testing, Alfredix

  • Irenogames
    2019-01-02 20:55 Send message
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    Você é o cara Parabéns
  • Jean
    2019-01-03 08:58 Send message
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    mercie pour se mod super remorque contenaire
  • Eepsquared
    2019-01-04 08:23 Send message
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    Where are the containers: orange Hapag-Lloyd, white/gray Maersk, yellow DHL, and white FedEx?
  • Csx68
    2019-01-06 23:15 Send message
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    @EEPSQUARED,There are several mods that go along with this, the containers, hooklift, and frontloader handling, a container lift, and these trailers, you just need to look up "ATC".
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