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Atlas 340lc v1.0.0.0
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Atlas 340lc v1.0.0.0

A nice Atlas excuvator for Farming simulator 19
Power: 150
Price: 280000
Brand: Atlas
Category: Travaux
Author: Joeri Erkelens Grondverzet BV

Joeri Erkelens Grondverzet BV

  • Has issues
    2020-10-22 22:18
    0 1
    Mod has several issues, including collision errors. Have yet to fully dig through the xml to see if there are any errors in there, but ho boy are there some issues here.
  • To has issues
    2020-10-22 22:39
    0 8
    Stop complaining its leaked ffs. A leaked mod is never completely finished so please do go suck a fucking cock and then go to a therapist for getting bullied online because you cant handle people talking back.
  • @to has issues
    2020-10-22 23:21
    7 0
    Holy shit you have some serious anger issues. Maybe YOU should be the one to go see a therapist.
  • @to has issues
    2020-10-23 18:01
    0 0
    anger AND understanding issues : He did not say it was leaked, he said the mod has errors
  • Modboy
    2020-10-24 06:54
    1 0
    does it dig?
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