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Aussie Outpack v1.0
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Aussie Outpack v1.0

Welcome to Australia!

Aussie Outpack is a fictional Australia Map. I created this map to get to know the new FS19 mechanics. The basis is the standard map of Giants Software. The map offers all standard functions of the basic game. This is just a beta version so updates are coming for sure.

Have fun!

DanjelMC and Giants Software

  • Rob


    2018-11-27 09:36
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    Thanks, Thomas... Been waiting for this =] Looking forward to playing this map and the updates =]
  • Gary
    2018-11-27 10:08
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    Thanks Thomas Now all I need are some Aussie trucks and tippers to go with it. :)
  • Glue™
    2018-11-27 11:35
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    LOL okay its a game, but if it was in real life, all 3 drivers in the combines would get fired so fast their ass will spin, why, dont the fuck get your get your get your ass to be calm, thanks, what I was typing, ooh I forgot, you fucking faggots in the white house, can I fuck Ivanka with Jareds dead body while I finger fuck Trumps ugly son? OOh come on, GLUE™ IT!
  • Allan
    2018-11-27 12:39
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    bonjour Thomas jais besoin de ton aide j'arrive pas a télécharger camera payeur merci.
  • Ereedks
    2018-11-27 14:11
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    @Glue, you need to lay off the meth before you fry your last remaining brain cell.
  • Rd farming
    2018-11-27 20:04
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    @Glue, what are you talking about, you moron troll
  • Jce12071
    2018-11-27 22:04
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    Even tho there were some texture errors in the log, the game played great, great map. Easy to place animal pens , that is a +++. However, even tho I was able to hire workers for harvest, cultivators were not so lucky. I did not try seeders or planters. Is there somewhere I can look? I really want to get this one going. Thanks!!
  • Name
    2018-11-28 01:36
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    its a game who cares
  • Multyplayer
    2018-11-28 16:30
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    nice map but not a multyplayer map to make ore fields and flat for buildings
  • Glue™ is right
    2018-11-29 04:52
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    Trumps son needs to get his ass finger fucked while I grab Ivankas pussy with Jareds dead right leg.
  • Deltaone
    2018-11-30 01:05
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    does not show up in my mod list in game. any thoughts
  • Idkman123
    2018-12-02 20:55
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    @DELTAONE this shouldn't be in your mod list, you should just have another map to choose from when you start a new savegame
  • Idkman123
    2018-12-02 20:55