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Autocontur for standard harversters v1.0.1.0
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Autocontur for standard harversters v1.0.1.0

added the following harvesters:
- Holmer TerraDos T4 40
- Ropa Tiger 6
- Panther 2

Sorry I had missed

Adds an "autocontour" to all default threshers
This is a mini mod I've created between times to distract myself.
this mod adds all the standard threshers as a mod bie which is a "car contour" is installed, that is, that the cutting unit adapts to the ground and that follows so you should not get stuck.
To illustrate what I mean please look at the pictures and the video I found
'm Unfortunately, there is not really come to test can be that some things are not so rich, for that already sorry, because then more Arebit necessary because then every Drecscher must be tested with the appropriate Scheindwerken and then possibly be adjusted. (Unfortunately, I did not have the time to do it all in my spare time)

Support is available here: Autocontur for standard threshers [Official Support]
I wish you all a nice Christmas and a happy new year after 2019
who likes to do good things to the forum paypal.me/ModdingWelt

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  • Irenogames
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    Great idea I did in the one I use I did not know I would give to make mod for all congratulations
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