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Bagienice map Final
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Bagienice map Final

The map has been expanded
- Polish climate with an accent of modernity
- one playable farm
- over 20 small and medium fields
- 2łąki
- a built-up village with an emphasis on details
- different terrain
- gates opened in the machine due to misleading animation door triger in ls19
- cereal buying in the village
- sawmill
running triggers on the farm
- farm silo
- gas station triger
- the square on the placable square
- bought in one whole farmland with a discounted price
- traffic and pedestrians
A clean log
I do not do bans, leave the original link and the description and author of the map.


  • Guest
    2019-02-11 21:54
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    if this is the creator i hope this is not the final version. GnG modding can add a sleep trigger to the house and help add jobs. dont need to own the biggest equipment and the whole map to start off with but a great looking map
  • Raven2971
    2019-02-13 00:33 Send message
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    GUEST UMMM DYMA123 IS NOT THE creator he just a ass clown that goes around on sites and take ppls mods and take credit for them
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