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Baldeykino Map v3.0 by JK-Edits
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Baldeykino Map v3.0 by JK-Edits

This is my first map-edit.. what did I do/change?
- Took the original Baldeykino V2.0 map by Tomi098
- Removed all the maple trees, all the birch trees are still there and grouped more tightly
- Added 10 fields with stage4 Spruce Trees (about 750/1000 in total, so there is a logging opp. now 2)
- Increased the yards, added a complete seperate empty yard
- Replaced the water with the creek water from the org Ravenport map
- Added some more logical shortcuts to fields
- Repainted all the roads ROUGH_DIRT (traffic is still there)
- Removed all 2D bushes, placed the border 2D more neatly.

Left all other like the original! Havent found no errors yet. Had some floating trees, but all have been
checked, should be ok now! Have fun!


  • Really
    2018-12-11 01:25 Send message
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    unzip / rezip everything and then the map will work right incase other's haven't figured that out yet..
  • Corey
    2018-12-11 01:56 Send message
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    have animals?
  • Jkedits
    2018-12-11 02:40 Send message
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    yes animals 2.... ive seen though that the org 2.0 version by Tomi098 had some issues with the milk pick up or drop off, so have to look into that in the next days. For the rest it runs good so far ;) (havent tested everything yet)@really : yes I have the folder Unzipped in my mods folder.
  • Jkedits
    2018-12-11 02:47 Send message
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    there is a update coming tommorrow anyway, since I just found out that the sawmill doesnt show up right as well //
  • Really
    2018-12-11 06:20 Send message
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    maybe the upcoming update will be zipped up properly too. :)
  • Kerem
    2018-12-11 11:46 Send message
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    map failed
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