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Bale Storage Sheds v1.0.0.0
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Bale Storage Sheds v1.0.0.0

These 10 x 20 meter steel sheds are the perfect solution for the farmer who wants to keep lots of bales in stock.
With an easy to use interface and the option for all square and round bales these compact sheds will have a place on all farms.

Modified bale capacities will be accepted and respawned in the same order as they are delivered.

Buildings use the original purpose built 'Object Storage.lua' so no extra script addons or mods are required.

Seasons Support:
- Silage bales will continue to ferment when added to storage.
- Number of fermenting bales show in UI.
- Current fermenting process and state of each bale can be seen in the 'Fermenting Screen' (Single Player Only)
- Roof top snow when using Seasons in snowy conditions.

Square Bale Sheds:
Price: 11000 $
Capacity: 420
Shed Types: Straw, Silage, Hay and Grass

Round Bale Sheds:
Price: 11000 $
Capacity: 410
Shed Types: Straw, Silage, Hay and Grass


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    2020-01-20 19:37
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  • Captainjake
    2020-01-22 05:14
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    the download link not working
  • Peeter
    2020-01-30 20:49
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    great mod, but unfortunatly it's not compatibile with "Maizeplus extension" mod :(
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