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Bale Wrap Color Switcher v1.0.0.0
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Bale Wrap Color Switcher v1.0.0.0

With this mod it's possible to change the bale wrap color without going to the shop. Furthermore it's possible to define
your own custom colors in the following file: modsSettings/BaleWrapColorSwitcher/wrapColors.xml

Default keyboard combination: Right control + C (RCtrl + C)

Please be aware: If the mod is enabled, then you can't change the wrap color in the shop anymore. The custom colors from the wrapper are added to the list though.
Furthermore the mod can't be used with the Hybrid X Inline Wrapper from the Anderson DLC, as they don't use the same specialization as the standard bale wrappers.

Cost per color change: 60 €/$/£


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    Very cool, thank you!
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