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Befullbare Hoftankstelle v1.1.0
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Befullbare Hoftankstelle v1.1.0

Here is a filling Hoftankstelle, for all those who want to transport the fuel to the yard to refuel your machines there.

Version 1.1.0
Fixed the gas station error when placing.
The trailers can now also be used for direct refueling of vehicles.

For this we have changed the water and milk trailer of Lizzard, so that fuel can be transported.
You can NOT fill the gas station with the Thundercreek trailer.
The downloaded zip must be unpacked once, then the two included zips in the mod folder ...
Have fun and Merry Christmas wishes the HoT online team

San Andreas

  • Trucker
    2018-12-30 17:33 Send message
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    It doesn't work!
  • Farmer72
    2018-12-31 21:14 Send message
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    What am I doing wrong?!? I've seen a video on this mod and it worked for him. I can not fill the placeable. Filling the trailers are no problem and fueling vehicles from the trailers is also no problem. WTH???
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