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Belarus MTZ 1221 v2.0.5.1
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Belarus MTZ 1221 v2.0.5.1

There were changes in version
- Who plays without GPS mod, the tractor is not attached to the receiver on the side mirror and not attached to the GPS monitor in the cabin on the windshield;
- Who plays with the GPS mod, when buying, the menu will choose whether to install it or not.
- And other small changes.

- Power: 96 kW / 130 HP;
- Speed: 42 km/h;
- Fuel tank capacity: 130 liters.;
- Price: 47 500 €;
- Selection of the main color and rim color;
- Various variations of the choice of grilles on the hood;
- Selection of plugs for the engine compartment;
- Air conditioner selection;
- Installing gps with a monitor when there is a GPS mod in the game;
- Adding a tool box with a fuel tank;
- Choice of two types of monocyclone normal and C pipe with monocyclone;
- Added a SAREx sticker on the hood;
- Installation of a flashing light;
- Choice of two types of wheels;
- Choice of front loader mounting;
- Animated pedals, seat, cooling fan;
- Dynamic hoses;
- Leaves traces, gets dirty, gets old.

Authors: Weder, Umbrella 666, IGORyaN, SD_Team, VLADISLAV ROMAKIN.

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