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Better Contracts v1.0.0.0
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Better Contracts v1.0.0.0

This mod helps to improve the contract system, both in singleplayer and multyplayer.
- The maximum number and the amount of mission generated has been increased to meet those who play on maps with many fields.
- You can now force the generation of new missions through the "Refresh" button on contract management screen.
- You can activate more than one contract at a time.
- The field-number indicator (on the mini-map) of the fields on which you will activate contracts, will start blinking to help you figure it out where you have to go.

Emperor of Modding

  • Not working
    2020-11-29 05:15
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    No refresh button to be seen anywhere.
  • Oink
    2020-11-30 22:07
    0 0
    still no lime contracts ... why ?
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