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Bettingen Map v0.9.9.0
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Bettingen Map v0.9.9.0

Here I would like to introduce you my first LS19 map. It is not a conversion, but a new building!
4th places for yards
3 points of sale for cereals / silage
1 sawmill
1 woodchips verkverk.
1 dairy
1 shop
1 weaving mill
about 32 fields plus a few meadows to buy
2-3 woods
1 BGA (unfortunately not running 100% in the Dedi, should go to the patch 1.2 ...) There are 6 places at the BGA to buy, so everyone can place a silo and the BGA Optimal use.

The map was tested on a Dedi server. Everything is going well, except the problem with the BGA, so I have registered at 2 outlets selling silage, so you can still sell silage.

Updates follow
Kind regards
your TuneWar

PS. Thanks a lot to Miacat, Sven, Micha, Andi for testing the map


  • Albert
    2018-11-30 19:51
    0 0
    bonsoir jai deux erreur dans le log au sujet de la carte merci
  • Albert
    2018-11-30 20:00
    0 0
    Error: Farmland-Id 3 not defined in farmland ownage file
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