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Big Pack of production equipment of the USSR and the SNG v1.3
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Big Pack of production equipment of the USSR and the SNG v1.3

Big pack equipment made in the USSR and SNG countries. Pak was compiled for himself, but decided to expose for general use!

ATTENTION!!! Some characteristics of the equipment are CHANGED for balance and realism! Pack will be updated! You can add mods that are not on the sites (personal or joint development (conversion))!
To install all .zip files, move to the mods folder (if necessary, confirm file replacement!)!
Cutting and setting mods from a pack which is not on the site (s) without coordination WILL BE POSSIBLE BY A BAN!

Added by:
- СК-10
- СН4Б
- K744 P3
- Acros 595
- Torum 760
- KamAZ 5320
- KamAZ 5511

Version 1.2.0:

Added by:
- gas 52

Version 1.3.0:

- KamAZ-5320
Added by:
- Lawn Next


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