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Big Pioneer Animal Food Bag pack v2.0
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Big Pioneer Animal Food Bag pack v2.0

The wait is Over! The Complette New version of my Pioneer Animal food bag pack mod is here!

New Version 2.0:
*Added new name of the Pack
-Change the Mod icon
*Added Bag for the Sheeps (Sheepfood Bag)
*Added Bag for Horses (Horsefood Bag)
*Added Deutsch ,Hungarian ,France Language

- Fixed Xml-s and add a correct name
-Increased the Bags from 100liters to 250liters of Food
-Increased moddesc.xml version to 44 (latest)

Prices for the bags:
Chickenfood Bag : 15$
Pigfood Bag : 35$
Sheepfood Bag : 55$
Horsefood Bag : 75$
Cowfood Bag: 95$
all Holds the same 250 liter!

Have FUN and enjoy!


  • @modder
    2019-10-22 11:44
    2 0
    You have a lot more to fix now... First version worked just fine, and it was even realistic. Then you had to ruin it... 250 liter bags, and now you can't even get it of the ground... Ok one bag i got up, others it doesn't even allow me to try. Says nothing if pointing with mouse... Totally fucked up.
  • Blonde girl :p
    2019-10-22 16:43
    2 1
    pioneer doesn't make chicken food noob, hahaha
  • Caamo
    2019-10-23 17:08
    1 0
    I don't know if Blonde Girl is right or wrong, but I like her comment just because... Blond Girl ;)
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